Hotels centre of Rome

The Colonna Palace Hotel is a landmark among the hotels in the centre of Rome.

Given the large inflow of every type of visitor, on every kind of budget, at every time of year means there is a high diversification of properties offering many different kinds of facilities and trying to satisfy clients with attentive and specialized services.

In this highly competitive and optimized scenario the Colonna Palace Hotel is a benchmark property with a high profile in the centre of Rome for anyone with particular business needs looking for the right classy and refined environment in which to spend their time in the city.

At the Colonna Palace Hotel everything has been programmed and designed to put the client first at all times: from the silent and cosy private rooms to the elegance of the public areas which are the best any hotel in the centre of Rome can offer, while the professionalism and discretion of the staff means each guest will enjoy a relaxing and tranquil stay.

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